Karl Lagarfeld


photo: mod.mag.com

Karl Otto Lagarfeld was born in Germany, but moved to Paris at age 14 with his parents’ blessing. From an early age, Karl Lagarfeld was interested in fashion and cut out pictures from fashion magazines. While in Paris, he submitted his sketches and fabric samples to a design competition and won first place along with Yves Saint Laurent, who became a close friend.

He found work as an apprentice to the Balmain fashion house. He later designed collections for Chloe and Fendi. He was brought in to Chanel to revamp the fashion house and since then has breathed in new life to the fledgling brand. He launched in own label in 1984, which he later sold to Tommy Hilfiger.

Karl Lagarfeld is quite creative and eccentric. He has recently launched a Twitter account for his famous cat, Choupette.

Chanel Spring/Summer 2015 runway

Chanel Spring/Summer 2015 runway

photo: pursuitist.com

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