Jeanne Lanvin

Jeanne Lanvin

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Jeanne  Lanvin has been credited as the founder of the oldest fashion house in the world. Born in 1867, Jeanne-Marie Lanvin was the eldest of 11 children. Lanvin trained as a dressmaker at a French fashion house called Talbot and later worked as a milliner.

Jeanne Lanvin also designed extensive wardrobes for her daughter, Marguerite Marie-Blanche di Pietro, using sophisticated textiles and colors. Lanvin was known for her mother-and-daughter outfits.

Jeanne Lanvin became a full-fledged couturiere and joined the Chambre Syndicale de la Couture. The robe de style bouffant dress became her signature piece. Lanvin’s embellishments included ribbons, ruffles, flowers and lace.

Jeanne Lanvin died in 1946. Her daughter took ownership of the fashion house until her death in 1958.  Lucas Ossendrijver is the current designer at the House of Lanvin.



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